How to Spot & Clear them

Learn how to :

  • Identify which blocks you have that are stopping you from finding love
  • Discover how your blocks are creating heart armour
  • Uncover where those love blocks came from AKA your inherited love patterns
  • Heal the heartbreak caused by years of armouring your heart
  • Clear all love blocks so you can start attracting your partner and live your best life

I’m on a quest to change the way we do love.

I believe that we all long for deep understanding and intimate connection. We want a relationship that feels secure, aligned, consistent, and easy.

We want respect, consideration, honesty and to trust without question. We want to be loved unconditionally as we are without someone wanting to change us.

For the better part of a decade I have worked with women from around the world to regain their emotional and energetic equilibrium, find self-love and the love of their lives again.

Featured on blogs and podcasts including: The Art of Relationships, The Entrepology Podcast, The Ultimate Menopause Podcast, Divorcing Well, Popsugar and Bustle.

Diana is also an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine.

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