Heal Heartbreak, Find Self-love

and Transform Relationships

With Diana Mikas

Are you ready to Fix who you’re picking to share your life with?

Are you ready to heal the past?

Are you ready to find true soul love, partnership and freedom by co-creating a love life that elevates yourself and the world?

Take this FREE 5-day course to learn how.

Choosing from love rather than heartbreak

is the ultimate freedom

Your past experiences and your love inheritance guide you to pick your romantic partners.

Sprinkle in what society tells you how your love life should be and we create unrealistic and unattainable love. Always creating heartbreak after heartbreak.

After time, this heartbreak becomes an armour that all your energy has to filter through and you unconsciously pick what you don’t want. What goes out comes in.

Break through that Heart Armour

Letting go of the stories that are blocking you from finding your true love is just the beginning. We have to heal your heart by finding that love within.

Here’s the secret to finding true love:

  • Embrace your heartbreak instead of avoid it. It’s not going away.
  • Forgive the past heartbreaks. Deep forgiveness will set you free.
  • Heal your heart and body from the sadness and trauma.
  • Speak a new vibrational language to attract your deepest love.

How do you want to feel every day?

Connected, respected, adored, unconditionally loved?

In the next 5 days in the Fix Your Picker course, you will begin the deep healing necessary to break through your Heart Armour. By the end you’ll find forgiveness, regain your self-confidence and have the clarity to express what you want in a relationship. You’ll start attracting and picking what your heart truly desires.

“When we break through our inherited love patterns, heal from heartbreak and find self-love, that’s when the transformation happens… you will move away from toxic relationships and attract a higher love.”

Diana Mikas

“I would go in circles and think there must be something unlovable about myself. I don’t know where I would have been if I didn’t connect with Diana and do this work. I’m a true believer now.”

Sandra, Community Member

“I’m so happy and thankful that I took a chance on myself and signed up for this life-changing program back in March. Do it!”

Deanna, Community Member

“10 out of 10, I recommend this program!!!! Treat yourself to true freedom of being who you really are and attracting the right people in your who are as amazing as, even a life partner!! The sky is only the start!!!” Melanie, Community Member

Fix Your Picker provides everything you need to heal heartbreak, find self-love and transform your relationships and finally Find the Love of your Life


With a vibrant community of women who took the chance on themselves to break out of their self-sabotaging habits of picking the wrong partners and have found unconditional love, self-confidence and freedom.


Fix Your Picker is the only program around that combines scientifically proven techniques with spiritual power to give you the maximum results in the shortest amount of time. Members often say that this program just flies by because the techniques are designed to give you weekly breakthroughs.


You will emerge from the program with everything that you’ve been wanting; to trust again, to live with an open heart, to find unconditional self-love, freedom and happiness.

And then, if you’re open, you might even experience some magic that you never thought was possible.

The Purpose of this Course is to:

  • Heal your heart from the past and what you’re dealing with now
  • Remind you of your divine inner guiding light
  • Give you tools to navigate your emotions without being destructive
  • Teach you a new language to express your deepest desires in love
  • Align you to the love that you’re seeking
  • Help you live a deeply connected ecstatic life

Living a life of connected unconditional love is a revolution.

Are you in?

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